Why Prepare? A Brief Look at Water

I am often asked why should I prepare? I explain that first responders wish they could be everywhere at once after a disaster or emergency, but unfortunately that is not possible. It is up to each one of us to take care of ourselves until help arrives.

For many years’ professionals had pitched us to prepare for three days, the new standard is two weeks, that is have enough food, water and other supplies to last for each person for two weeks. It is important to have 1 gallon of water per person per day, this can add up to a lot of water for a family. There are a few suggestions I give people when it comes to water preparedness.

First, create a rotating water supply, what I mean is to go through your supply of water by using what you have and replacing it. In my family we have a supply of  flats of water that we use and replace on a weekly basis. Second, I suggest a 55-gallon blue barrel and spigot, these can be set up in your garage or outside your home. Our store does not offer these as to ship them is expensive as it is just shipping air, I suggest your local Costco or other retail outlet. Finally, a few other water tips, remember to have supplies in your vehicle, your workplace and any other places you and your family may be when disaster strikes. Don’t forget about your pets as they will need water as well.

This post turned out to focus on water, I will continue with a follow up post as we talk about other preparedness needs and why we should prepare. If you are need of supplies, please visit us and take advantage of 10% off your entire order during the month of September in recognition of National Preparedness Month. Be safe!

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www.LmdDisasterSurvivalKits.com is a web based store established in 2006. We are leaders in the industry of offering disaster survival kits, freeze dried food and other life saving products. We thank you for your interest in preparing you, your family, business and community. Please visit us at www.LmdDisasterSurvivalKits.com or call Michael at 253 651 4042.

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