Introduction to Natural Disasters #1

It does not matter where you live in this world some type of natural disasters will happen in your neighborhood. It may be an earthquake, hurricane, tornado, wildfire, landslide, draught or any number of disasters. Since 1995 the world has experienced some of the largest and deadliest disasters ever recorded by man. They have included deadly hurricanes on the Gulf Coast, wildfires in California, Washington, Colorado, Arizona, Montana, Oregon and the worsening outbreak of tornadoes in the midwest states.

As I mentioned in my last post I am going to share with you a journey through natural hazards over the next few months. We will explore what they are, how they happen, and what can we do to mitigate the effects to better prepare ourselves.

A natural hazard is a natural process and event that is a potential threat to human life and property. The process and the events themselves are not hazards but become so because of human use of the land. A disaster is a hazardous event that occurs over a limited time span within a defined area. There are criteria for a natural disaster and that is 1. 10 or more people are killed, 2. 100 or more people affected 3. A state of emergency is declared and 4. International assistance is requested. If any of these apply than the event is considered a natural disaster. A catastrophe is a massive disaster that requires significant expenditure of money and long recovery times, sometimes years, Hurricane Katrina is a good example of a catastrophe.

That gets us started on our journey, please join me in the weeks to come and share with your family and friends. Please look to us for all your preparedness needs at

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